Piscina Mirabilis

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Artificial cavity
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Wednesday, 14 October 2009 18:00

Piscina Mirabilis, among the largest roman water reservoir structures, could store 12,600 cubic metres of water. It is situated on a promontory facing Capo Miseno. This massive underground reservoir of the Roman Augustan age, was the terminal point of the Serino aqueduct  and had supplied water to the Classic Roman "Praetoria Misenensis," or Fleet of Misinium, the most imposing fleet of the Roman Empire and said to be the naval counterpart to the Roman Prataeorian Guard.

The cistern was dug entirery out of the tuff sandstone cliff face and was 15 metres high, 72 metrs long and 25 metres wide. It was supported by vaulted ceilings and 48 pillars. It has the  feeling of an underground cathedral. We often go to Bacoli to admire this wonderful marvel.

A few days ago, Fulvio De Marinis, well knowen neapolitan painter, gave us a present: six beautiful photos from Piscina Mirabilis. He took these pictures esclusively for Napoli Underground.


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