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Translated Jeff Matthews

The daily newspaper la Repubblica has published a good article on the Petralia salt mines in Sicily. The article is accompanied by fascinating photography, which makes it worth your while to look at even if you don't read Italian. The mines are an underground labyrinth with 70 km of tunnels. The article is signed by Attilio Bolzoni and the photography is by Roberto Boccaccino, a prominent photographer from Benevento. The caption beneath the lead photo in their article (here presented in English) reads: "Petralia (Palermo) is one of the richest salt deposits in Europe. Sicily hosts the only sites in the world where production takes place entirely underground (more than 70 km of tunnels). The salt gets to market and consumers just as nature created it, seeing the light of day after six million years."

Our photo used to illustrate this notice is taken from the website of la Repubblica.

Good reading: The river of salt in the bowels of Sicily


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21 January 2019

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