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Matese Massif – Valle Orsara, Tassitello Shelter and Valle Inferno

Translated Jeff Matthews

Typology: Nature Hike

Description: This outing through the Valle Orsara climbs to the Tassitello Shelter and on the way back comes through part of the Valle Inferno.

Proceed along the Matese Province Road; at a point halfway between Castello del Matese and San Giorgo Matese, at 523 m a.s.l. (coordinates: 33 T 447741 4580265), turn right onto via San Marco. It ends in 1.6 km. The trail for this hike starts there.

This hike does not present any particular difficulties but can be tiring because of the distance and the “climbing differential” (all the ups and downs). No special equipment is required. You will find a fountain with drinking water at the start of the trail and additional water at the Tassitello shelter.

Length: (out from and back to the end of the asphalt road where you have left your car, at 419m a.s.l.) 14.400 km (just over 9 miles).

Climbing differential: 816 m

Time: 7:15 hours

Difficulty: not difficult, but tiring because of distance.

GPS: Matese Massif – Valle Orsara, Tassitello Shelter and Valle Inferno (GPX)

Our photos: Matese Massif - Valle Orsara and Valle Inferno

Video: Matese – out for a hike

Address: Matese Province Road Strada (State Road 158 Dir) - Via San Marco

City: Castello del Matese - (Caserta)

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