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The Campanian Amphitheater

Translated Jeff Matthews

Tipology: Archaeological site

Description: The Campanian Amphitheater of Santa Maria Capua Vetere is the second largest amphitheater in Italy, after the Colosseum in Rome. The amphitheater in Capua Vetere measures 165 meters on the long axis and 135 m on the shorter one, measured at the ground level of the arena, itself. It was built at the end of the first century AD and the beginning of the second. Like many ancient Roman monuments, the amphitheater was stripped of its trappings in the 11-and 1200s (under the period of the Hohenstaufen Dynasty) and the structure was used as a quarry to provide stone for urban buildings. The underground sections, however, are relatively well-preserved and are worth visiting. There are, as well, a number of canals for the distribution of water to a pool and a large cistern; these may not be entered but can be seen from above.

City: Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE)

Coordinates: UTM WGS 84: 33 T 437023 4548366

Address: Piazza I Ottobre

Postal code: 81055

Telephone:  (039) 0823 798864

Tickets: € 2.50 regular - € 1.25 reduced (besides the amphitheater, the ticket is also good for admission to
the Archaeological Museum of old Capua, the Gladiators' Museum and the underground Mithraeum).

Photos: Campanian amphitheater - Santa Maria Capua Vetere

For more information: the website of CIR Campania Beni Culturali

For more information on Capua and Santa Maria Capua Vetere

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