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Mt. Vesuvius National Park

Typology: Nature Hike

A short walk on the rim of the world's most famous volcano.

Ticket Price:
regular adult – 8 euros per person

Parking price:
2.50 euros

from the parking lot to the summit, 1.7 km.

Change in level:
183 m.

1 hour

: Ercolano (NA)

N40 49 41.4 - E14 25 33.6

GPS track: from the autostrada to the parking lot.

GPS track: the trail from the parking lot to the crater.

Address: via Vesuvio

Photos: Vesuvio

General information: The park is rated as a Category II protected area by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, a category reserved for areas designated "national park" within their respective nations. The Vesuvius park was founded in 1995 and covers 7,000 hectares—about 17,000 acres. Within the park there are nine trails or footpaths for visitors; they have a cumulative length of 54 kilometers (33 miles). The administration of the park is housed within the Medici Castle in nearby Ottaviano. The castle was originally a medieval fortress from the year 1000, was destroyed in the 1300s, and was transformed into a residence by Bernadetto de' Medici in the 1600s. By the 1990s it had come into the hands of local organized crime. It was seized by the state in the early 1990s and earmarked for the Vesuvius park. In spite of irritating difficulties such as unscheduled closures, strikes and what-not, the park remains a popular tourist attraction.


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