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Translated Jeff Matthews

The Cocceius Tunnel (Grotta di Cocceio)

Typology: Roman tunnel

Description: The tunnel connects Lake Averno with Cuma. It is a straight one-kilometer tunnel through Mt. Grillo and was built in 38-36 BC as part of the construction of Portus Julius, the massive Miseno home port of the Imperial Roman Western Fleet. The architect, Lucius Cocceius Auctus, was one of the mostimportant archtects and builders in Roman history. Besides building the original Pantheon in Rome in 27 BC, Cocceius is usually credited with at least three other major tunnels (besdies this one) in or near Naples: the so-called Neapolitan Crypt that connected Naples with the Flegrean Fields and the port of Pozzuoli; a tunnel that joined Lake Averno to nearby Lake Lucrino; and the Seiano Grotto along the Posillipio coast. The Cocceius tunnel is currently not open to the public.

City: Lucrino (NA)

Coordinates: Lake Aerno side, 40°50'24.66N - 14° 4'14.92E

Coordinates: via Arco Felice Vecchia side, 40°50'43.20N - 14° 3'43.77E

Address: via Averno left side

For more information on Cucceius, see Lucius Cucceius Auctus Grotta di Cocceio

Photos: Cucceius tunnel - Lake Averno

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