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The Fèscina

Translated Jeff Matthews

Typology: Archaeological site

This is a mausoleum from Roman times (dated to the first century BC. It displays a pyramid peak atop a hexagon base and is located in the necropolis on via Brindisi. This type of architecture is particular because it is found nowhere else in the Flegrean area or even in Campania at large. It was, however, widely found in the eastern Mediterranean during the age of ancient Greece. The architectural prototype is represented by the famous tomb of Mausolus of Halicarnassus from the fourth century BC.

It is viewable from behind a barrier.

Quarto (NA)

UTM WGS84 33 T 425148 4526854

address: via Brindisi

photos: La Fèscina

For more information, see: the Fèscina



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