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Translated Jeff Matthews

Because of their beauty and relative closeness to where we live, the Lattari mountains have become a frequent destination for recent outings. Thus, last Sunday we decided to head for the small deserted church of Santa Maria of the Mountains, setting out from the area of Minuta in the town of Scala (province of Salerno).

The excursion starts with the same steep stairway that we have covered in past trips to reach the Valley of the Iron Works, along a magnificent trail that leads down to the sea. However, when you get to the level stretch that branches off to the road for Amalfi, keep on to the north-west along the stairway. The route continues upward, running along the west slope of the Scalandrone ravine. Along that route the first thing you find are the ruins of the “Castle” facing out over one of those high sheer cliffs that are a feature of the trail of the Valley of the Ironworks; a short distance after that, almost at the top, there are two small caves where a few bats are spending the winter in hibernation. Near the peak, particularly in the shade, there are slippery sections of the trail covered with frozen snow. The plateau at the very top is particularly lovely—the small church is completely covered with a thick layer of soft snow.

After a pleasant rest and a snack on the provisions we had brought along, we headed down for the valley along the trail that winds along the eastern slope of the Scalandrone ravine, “closing the ring,” so to speak, of our entire outing.

The whole route was 8 km long and covered an up/down elevation differential of about 700 meters.

There were three participants: Alessandra, Nando and Fulvio.

At the following link you will find some photos we took along the way: From Minuta to the small church of Santa Maria of the Mountains atop the Lattari range

Here, in the next few days, I'll put up the GPS coordinates for downloading - GPS

p.s. Please bear in mind that there is always some risk involved in wandering around the woods and mountains; you should not undertake a path that seems beyond your abilities. The information that we provide in these descriptions are simply rough indications and not stringent directions for your trip. Be careful and enjoy nature.

Have a good outing.

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