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Translated Jeff Matthews

With the Roccamonfina Regional Park - near the mouth of the Garigliano river in the province of Caserta in the vicinity of the Roccamonfina volcano, itself, there is a paleontology site called "The Devil's Footprints". The site is made up of a rocky surface on an incline about 100 meters long with an elevation difference of about 30 meters. It formed from the cooling of a pyroclastic flow from an eruption that happened between 385,000 and 325,000 years ago. Foot impressions are visible of individuals of the Homo heidelbergensis species. These hominids were moving through the area shortly after a volcanic eruption, leaving their prints in sediment that was still relatively hot and doughy. The unique thing about this site is the certainty that these prints are the oldest traces of the genus Homo in the world.

The site may be visited thanks to members of the Footprints Association that organizes guided tours.

Contact info for the Association:
Facebook page - Associazione-Orme
email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
tel. - 3313020113 - 3929364536

GPS trace of the route

There is additional information in English on Roccamonfina & The Devil's Footprints on the website of Nalpes: Life, Death & Miracles

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Paleontological surface of the "Devil's Footprints"

Archaeologist Norma Mazzoccoli following the homonid fossil tracks

Crosses carved near the source in the Middle Ages

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