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Translated Jeff Matthews

The first Greeks settlers called this area the Fiery Fields and saw in them the entrance to Hades.

That didn't take much imagination at all...the constant underground rumbling and thermal activity must have made quite an impression on this people from the sea. But the beauty of the land and fertile soil cast a spell over them; they stopped their wanderings in the Mediterranean and chose this land for their future generations.

One of the most evident examples of what is hidden beneath our homes is, indeed, the Solfatara, still an active volcano 3 km north of Pozzuoli. It formed around 4,000 years ago and actively erupted around the the year 1200 AD. Since then it has seemed tranquil, but the strong fumarole activity (high temperature underground steam) reminds us of how precarious our position here can be.


Technical details

The Solfatara Volcano

Typology: Nature hike

Description: active volcanic crater. A incredible walk -- right to the gates of Hell!

Admission: 6 euros

City: Pozzuoli

Coordinates: 40°49'40.29N - 14° 8'9.24E

Address: Via Solfatara, 161

Telephone: (+39) 0815262341

Web site:

Photos: The Solfatara volcano

Video: La Solfatara - Pozzuoli (NA)


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