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Translated Jeff Matthews

The Vanvitelli station of the n. 1 line of the Naples Metro lies beneath the square of the same name in the Vomero quarter of Naples. Called Leonardo Pisano, "son of Bonacci", Leonardo Fibonacci (c.1175– 1235) was one of the most distinguished mathematicians of the Middle Ages; his works include Liber Abbaci (1202, revised in 1228) and Practical Geometry (1220).

As you descend into the heart of Vanvitelli Station, you are met with a florescent tube display of the Fibonnaci sequence arranged in the form of a spiral; that is, a numerical sequence characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones (as in 1,1,2,3,5,8,13...etc.)

Another must-see "Art Station" in Naples bears the name of one of the most eminent European architects of the 18th century, Luigi Vanvitelli (Napoli 1700 – Caserta 1773); he was the son of the Dutch painter Gaspar van Wittel. Luigi Vanvitelli left us noteworthy works of architecture and engineering, among which we mention the aqueducts of Vermicino (in Frascati) and the Carolino aqueduct (in Caserta), as well as the Royal Palace at Caserta with its famous hydraulic fountains. From 1732 to 1740 he was engaged in military engineering in the city of Ancona, including the design of the Lazaretto (generally, a field hospital aboard a ship and often used as a quarantine station), called the "Vanvitellian Pier": "the pentagonal lazaretto, the shape of which derives from the mystic nature of the 'Star of Fortune', is an addition of Vantelli's done for Pope Corsini; it is adjacent to the ancient lazzaretto." (Paolo Marconi, ed., I Castelli. Architettura e difesa del territorio tra Medioevo e Rinascimento, Istituto Geografico De Agostini, Novara 1978, p. 351).

In 1769 he was called upon to redesign the Royal Palace in Milan, but the work was eventually entrusted to his pupil, Giuseppe Piermarini.

See: Lorenzo Capobianco - Restyling Della Stazione Di Piazza Vanvitelli - Linea 1, Metropolitana Di Napoli

Enjoy your tour of the Metropolitana of Naples!

Gianluca Padovan (Ass.ne S.C.A.M. – F.N.C.A.)

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1. Vanvitelli Metro Station (ph. G. Padovan)

2. The Fibonacci Spiral (ph. G. Padovan)

3. Works of Art at the Vanvitelli Station (ph. G. Padovan)

4. Works of Art at the Vanvitelli Station (ph.  G. Padovan)

5. Vanvitelli Metro Station (ph. G. Padovan)

6. A look beneath the surface (ph. G. Padovan)

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