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Translated by Jeff Matthews

Wendy, I'm home...is how the great Jack Nicholson announced his arrival at center stage in the film The Shining, and we use the same words to begin the third chapter in the saga of Napoli Underground. It has not been easy, but we're finally at the point where we can use our new site to pick up where we left off—telling tales of culture and adventure.

As we have previously noted, the migration to the new version of Joomla, the CMS that we have been using for a number of years, was not a whim on our parts, but rather a necessity. Given the fact that when our server upgraded its system, our obsolete Joomla 1.5 started having serious problems, and we risked a crash of our site and the complete loss of 10 years of work.

Since we had no choice, we set off along the intricate paths of web programming to do what had to be done. We note that this time, however, we were without the services of Caret because of prior commitments on his part; in any event, he still managed to chip in with advice. Lack of experience and numerous experiments with modules and plug-ins slowed us down even more in getting this new version of Napoli Underground up and running, a version that is graphically less sophisticated than the older version, but one that will let us all continue this web journey that we are on.

The site you are now perusing is still very much a work in progress; it is incomplete, but further functionality, already foreseen and experimented with, will be added shortly. Nevertheless, our desire to continue our task of informing you and of meeting the needs of those who have chosen Napoli Underground as their “website of choice” to share their information has prompted us to open the gates without further delay.

This is now the third time that we have started from scratch. From our old site we shall republish only the materials of greatest relevance and select the best photos, avoiding those that are perhaps not so good or have little bearing on the tale we are trying to tell. At the same time, we shall keep up to date on the latest research and exploration. Our new site will “zero” our 1500 registered users, and we invite those who might like to participate more actively (posting to the forum, commenting on photos and videos, or simply by sending in material) to re-register.

Please remember that registration is required if you want to take part in our group excursions that will continue to be proposed and decided upon in the appropriate section of the Forum. We are grateful to you if you call our attention to bugs and problems, and we welcome your suggestions on how to make our site a better one. Please let us know...everything can be fixed.

Good browsing,
Napoli Underground

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