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1° International SpeleoMovie Web Festival Final Update!

Film Broadcast Times Below ...


We have been finalizing last minute details for the First International SpeleoMovie Web Festival. This is our second experiment with live-streaming on the Napoliunderground web movie channel hosting multiple films while also offering segments of live broadcasting. This includes an on-screen forum chat column where you may ask questions and offer your own comments. We have used this to link up members of the lV Congress on Speleological Archeology last year from various locations around the world. Other hookups have included our long time friends and associates like Gianluca Padovan of S.C.A.M. which is the Milan Artificial Cavity Speleology Society and FNCA, The National Federation of Artificial Cavities also in Northern Italy. Use of our web broadcasting channel has allowed a greatly increased exchange of information, scientific and research papers and more among private speleological groups both here in Italy as well as many other countries in Europe, the USA, South America, New Zealand and Russia.

This year for our Speleo Web Festival we will be using the standard resolution offered free by the livestreaming server we use. We have, in the past, raised a rather large sum of money to utilize their premium service but have found that while the difference in resolution on the average computer screen is nice, the regular no-cost resolution does a completely acceptable job. Since this web showing is being done with no sponsorships or entry fees, our mutual love of underground exploration is all the currency needed for us to get together and watch films of all sorts, from Italy, the UK, and even Argentina!

As entries have come in we have revised the proposed screening schedules from the initial proposed categories of "Speological Shorts" which were to have included unedited raw video not exceeding 20 minutes and "Classics of Speology" which were described as 'documentaries already publicly presented.' As often happens in an improvised contest like this, we found that the initial categories and definitions really weren't justified for the types of video entries we have received. All of the 19 videos we have received are edited and have been presented in some form for public viewing. So there is no need for the two categories we have envisioned. Some videos are quite short, others are longer form, but all are unique and provide looks at the fascinating places our fellow speleos are exploring.

So, it makes more sense to do away with the initial categories and merely schedule the 19 movies for viewing, in no special order, over the two days of the Festival, November 20th and 21st. Viewers may cast votes for the films they like by voting on line in a polling box in a column to the right of the video screen. This same column is where a live text chat forum is located during opening live welcoming comments Saturday the 20th and closing comments, Sunday the 21st.

Through the generosity of our two fellow Speleological groups from Milan, three publications, in Italian, have been donated as First, Second and Third prize awards for the entries receiving the most online votes.

First Place: "The Secrets of Triora"  - 'The power of this place, the witches, and the shadow of the executioner'

Second Place: "Underground Archaeology" - 'A manual for understanding the world of ancient hypogea'

Third Place: "The Secret of the Castel of Milan"


Additionally, each of the three winners will receive a month's promotional placement for their film or project on the scrolling banner at the top of the Napoliunderground web site.



We realize that these are modest awards for your efforts, but hope that the richer award for winners and all entrants alike will be having had the opportunity to present out common interests in Speleology to a much wider international audience.

Now, lets move on to the program schedule and times each event or showing is scheduled. We have decided that web broadcasting will begin at 1600 hours (4PM) Naples, Italy time. Each day, Saturday and Sunday broadcast live events or films are listed at approximate times in the program schedule below.

For those in other international time zones, the link below will allow you to find your actual local time compared to Naples local time.  The spiffy colored timezone map at this link makes it easy:  http://www.worldtimezone.com/


Saturday, Nov 20th - All Times Approximate
16:00 Live from Naples, Italy, Festival Opening comments and welcome by our Webmaster and Napoliunderground founder, Fulvio Salvi
16:15  Live, from Milan, Italy, greetings and presentation by our good friend, Gainluca Padovan
16:30  From Gulfport, Mississippi, USA, brief comments and welcome to our English speaking viewers and film contestants.
16:45  Broadcast of  Speleo Movie Web Festival Films!
1) ore 16. 45  Grotta delle Colonne d'Ercole - Gruppo Speleo Archeologico ARGOD (in Italian)

2) ore 17.00  Corazzaino - Sirio Sechi (in Italian)

3) ore 17.05  E buio sia - Sirio Sechi   (music bed only)

4) ore 17.10  Kleine Berlin - Guglielmo Esposito (in Italian)

5) ore 17.15  Top Secret Project - Guglielmo Esposito (in Italian)

6) ore 17.25  Grotte del Caglieron - Guglielmo Esposito (in Italian)

7) ore 17.35   Mondi Sotterranei - a cura dell'Associazione S.C.A.M. (in Italian)

8) ore 17.55  La Sfinge della Valganna - Gruppo SpeleoSub Proteus (in Italian)

9) ore 18.20  Otter Hole Cave (in English)

FIN 19.20  Day One - Goodbye Comments (in Italian)
Sunday, Nov 21st - All Times Approximate
Film Presentations continue!
1) ore 16.05  Preservatutto - Sirio Sechi (in Italian)

2) ore 16.10  Il bunker della Prefettura - SCAM-FNCA (in Italian)

3) ore 16.20  Petticasco - Sirio Sechi (in Italian)

4) ore 16.25  Under The School - Guglielmo Esposito (in Italian)

5) ore 16.30  La lunga notte - Tommaso Biondi (in Italian)

6) ore 17.05 ) Ipogeo celtico - Guglielmo Esposito (in Italian)

7) ore 17.15  Underground Rome NGC feature - Roma Sotterranea (in English)

8) ore 17.45  Expedicion Caverna del Diablo - Luis Hernan Carabelli (in Spanish)

9) ore 17.50  Cuyo Subterraneo - Luis Hernan Carabelli (in Spanish)

10) ore 18.10  Il mistero di San Nilo - Studio Blu Production (ASSO) (in Italian - English subtitles)

18.40 Goodbyes from Milano, Gulfport and Naples -  This ends the festival broadcast

Remember that after the conclusion of the Festival film broadcast, you may see the entire program again at any time by returning to the Napoliunderground Channel, and under the "On Demand" list, select 1° International SpeleoMovie Web Festival.
During the actual broadcast of the films viewers may chat with one another in the chat forum column to the right of the video screen.
Let's all cross our fingers and hope that this Festival goes smoothly and that everyone has a great time. You have an appointment with us at the Napoliunderground Channel, Nov 20th, 4PM, 16:00 hours, Naples time. Hope to see you there.
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