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1° International SpeleoMovie

Web Festival

Rassegna internazionale del documentario speleologico

Napoli Underground is happy to announce a call for entries as we launch our first viewer-judged Speleological documentary film festival open to speleo enthusiasts around the globe. It is our hope that video entries which will be broadcast and available for viewing on our web TV Napoli Underground Channel will increase knowledge and appreciation for the incredible beauty and mystery of the underground world in general.

We welcome your videos which feature and describe caves, caverns and other underground cavities, natural or artificial. Participation is open to everyone, and is completely free. We will have two categories for entries.

The first is "Speleological Shorts" for unedited video no longer than 20 minutes. Winners will be judged by votes cast by web viewers.

The second category, "Classics of Speleology" will be composed of completed, edited presentation documentaries already released for viewing by their producers and open to those who would like the free exposure of their work on Napoli Underground during the festival

Participation in the festival requires that video material be sent in high quality digital format, either Flash or mp4 (flv/mp4) with 480X360 resolution and ready to be uploaded to our server. The same format and requirements used for YouTube are a good reference for the format we require.

For all videos in Category one, "Speleological Shorts", a separate 3 minute promotional "trailer" should be sent. The trailer or "teaser" will be uploaded pre-festival for viewing on the Napoli Underground channel to promote the SpeleoMovie festival. Entries must also include a written description of the video including name and/or organization sending the entry, title, name and location of the cave or underground location being shown and a brief narrative about the exploration or activity shown.

Right now, we tentatively envision scheduling three unedited "Speleological Shorts" videos and one "Classics of Speleology" documentary each day during the festival presentation period. All material entered remains the property of its contributor, who by participating by sending their videos in either category give their consent for transmission of their material on the Napoli Underground Channel for the singular purpose of promoting cultural understanding and support for speleological exploration, with no commercial intent or usage whatsoever.

Again, as of this announcement the festival is scheduled for the month of November, 2010. Final information, details and any updates will be forthcoming by October 30, 2010.

The Napoli Underground web site forum will have a dedicated forum chat area where we can update, discuss and refine the festival as it develops. Your thoughts and suggestions will be most welcome to help us make this a fun and informative international event!  We want to hear from our friends around the world and look forward to seeing your SpeleoMovie!

Contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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