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Translated Jeff Matthews

Now up on the website of the International Journal of Speleology: Volume 45, Issue 1 (2016).

In this issue:

Cave monitoring and the potential for palaeoclimate reconstruction from Cueva de Asiul, Cantabria (N. Spain)
Andrew C. Smith, Peter M. Wynn, Philip A. Barker, Melanie J. Leng, Steve R. Noble, and Andrew Stott

Hydrothermal speleogenesis in carbonates and metasomatic silicites induced by subvolcanic intrusions: a case study from the Štiavnické vrchy Mountains, Slovakia
Pavel Bella, Ľudovít Gaál, Vladimír Šucha, Peter Koděra, and Rastislav Milovský

Lighting conditions and optical filters effects on visual performance of speleologists exposed to cave environments
Carla Costa Lança, Nádia Fernandes, Ana Monteiro, and Ana Almeida

Genetic analyses determine connectivity among cave and surface populations of the Jamaican endemic freshwater crab Sesarma fossarum in the Cockpit Country
Manuel Stemmer and Christoph D. Schubart

Fungi on white-nose infected bats (Myotis spp.) in Eastern Canada show no decline in diversity associated with Pseudogymnoascus destructans (Ascomycota: Pseudeurotiaceae)
Karen J. Vanderwolf, David Malloch, and Donald F. McAlpine

The genesis of a lava cave in the Deccan Volcanic Province (Maharashtra, India)
Nikhil R. Pawar, Amod H. Katikar, Sudha Vaddadi, Sumitra H. Shinde, Sharad N. Rajaguru, Sachin V. Joshi, and Sanjay P. Eksambekar

Apparent glacially induced structural controls on limestone conduit development in Ohio Caverns, United States
Adrienne M. Watts and Ira D. Sasowsky

A decade of modern cave surveying with terrestrial laser scanning: A review of sensors, method and application development
Idrees Mohammed Oludare and Biswajeet Pradhan

Diversity of cultured bacteria from the perennial ice block of Scarisoara Ice Cave, Romania
Corina Iţcuş, Mădălina-Denisa Pascu, Traian Brad, Aurel Perşoiu, and Cristina Purcarea

All articles are in PDF format and may be downloaded individually at this link: International Journal of Speleology, Volume 45, Issue 1 (2016).

Good reading!

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